Friday Fictioneer 100 words #1


Sandra, despondent, led her horse back to the barn. She had looked forward to another wonderful day riding Cloudrunner through Silverado Draw, the wild, Manzanita-covered canyon leading to Fry’s Beach, always empty on Monday mornings. It was perfect for riding and for her weekly meetings with her lover, Jim.
Her shock was seismic when she and Cloudrunner came round the last bend, the canyon spread before them, to see huge earthmovers toppling the manzanitas, piling them up for cremation. It was a housing development! Jim waved from one of the trucks. She had known he was a property developer.


One comment

  1. Oh I could feel her shock and sadness. Good story for the prompt!

    I’m glad you decided to join the FridayFictioneers 🙂 If you want to put your link on the page with all the other links, it’s here:

    On Wednesdays I’ll post the photo in the evening and then on Friday I’ll post my story. In the comment section on my story is where everyone usually posts their links so everyone else can find them.

    It’s a lot of fun and we’ll resume next week, so watch for it. Do you follow me on Twitter or FB? I’ll post the links there too.

    See you again soon!

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