Friday Fictioneer 100 Word Story #3

20 Minutes into the Future

I knew it was a choice, eat or watch TV, but I had some food already today and felt pretty good inside right now but whoa, man, I ain’t seen TV in fuckin weeks so the choice is pretty clear, right? I mean, what do we got a meat generator for anyway, to make meat? Ha ha. No, man, to make some electricity and watch some TV. Wonder why they made a meat generator when everyone’s starving? Guess it was different then. Anyway, Billy told me there was a cool show on this week where they cook the wiseass loser.



  1. Lol. I’m getting an early start with your story Carlos. 20 minutes into the future is about right. But then again he surprises me with pretty deep thinking sometimes too. I liked your imaginative story.

    • Hi Madison, and thanks for the like. I was worried that you might think it reflected on your son; please believe me that it did not. It was just a picture of a guy with a baseball cap! It reflects much more me and my increasingly disenfranchised view of the world with its suicidal environmental plunge lined with reality shows, rampant consumerism and mind-shrinking aggression. I don’t eat meat, by the way.
      Also: I didn’t get the photo prompt, Linda sent it to me. Not sure why, but I ended up altering addresses when I began. The email that is supposed to work is

  2. No need to worry about my interpretation – I am having my own problem coming up with a story because it’s hard for me to separate the person I know from the picture I see, lol. I might not even be able to write one at all!

    Oh, your address, I understand what you’ve been trying to tell me now. But I can’t change it. You’d have to subscribe again using the the one you listed instead. I can delete the one you are subscribed with but can’t change it.

    I don’t get to experience youth much outside of my own children’s circle of friends. We live in a very remote area and I’m sure my experience is much different from the world’s at large’s with youth. But your view is understandable given what I do see when I watch any television at all. We don’t even have television at home, so in a way we’re also removed from society that way, too. I’m undecided about whether that is a good or a bad thing.

    • Ok, I subscribed again and got the response email to my correct address. Lindaura said that I had originally sent my address with a typo — I’m not quite sure how she knows that, because I haven’t seen it, but I believe her. Anyway, if you would delete prior registrations, then everything will be copacetic.
      What mountains do you live in? I lived in the mountains of remote Northern California for 11 years, in a town of fewer than 200. 198 loggers and their wives, and 2 teachers.

      • Carlos, i don’t know you or what you’re reading tastes run to, but i’d bet by bottom dollar that you’ll like neal Stepheson. A Diamond Age has meat generators in it among a wide world of other delights. Try Cryptonomicon as well. Genius. Makes me nutsw how good he is. D.

  3. I love how everyone can tell a completely different story. This one really conveys the age of the boy through what is important to him. Love the meat generator to get the TV and electricity to run – awesome!

  4. Hi Carlos. I did have a question on one of your lines –
    “Wonder why they made a meat generator when everyone’s starving?”
    Maybe that’s why they made the meat generator because everyone IS starving and need food? 😛 Nice story!

    • The meat generator is powered by meat. This came from a story I read about a 19th century early automobile made in London that was powered by dead cats, by the methane gas they produced. I knew it would be a point of confusion; I tried to have the character clarify it by joking about it: “…what do we got a meat generator for anyway, to make meat? Ha ha. No, man, to make some electricity…”

    • It was a generator that ran on meat, an idea I got from reading about an automobile in the mid 1800s in London that ran on dead cats, from the methane they produce. I knew it might be confusing, that’s why I had the character joke “…what do we got a meat generator for anyway, to make meat? Ha ha. No, man, to make some electricity…” and infer that it must have been made before people were starving. It’s hard to pack all this stuff into 100 words! Thanks!

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