Friday Fictioneer 100 Word Story #5: Trout Fishing in America

Trout Fishing in America

The elegance of fishing: knee deep in the verge of a stream, tracking variations of current, faster here, slower there, ripples behind rocks coming together like ducktails, eyeing bubbles rising in pools, the deepest part, dark and cool, where you would shelter if you were the fish. That’s the real connection, more profound than any technique, casting your mind out, like the line.

There’s joy in the technique too. The snaking line doubling and tripling itself above you, landing perfectly at the end of the riffle, its digital fly moving inexorably into the magnetic field of the engineered fish. Strike.



  1. Very cool story! I’ll bet that fish was engineered to have preference for digital flies, too? Boy, wouldn’t the tourism industry like to know about that.

  2. Thank you. Inspired by the termination of trout fishing where I lived in Northern California. When I was a boy, I could go out in an evening and catch 30 trout, 4″ to 12″ long, year after year. After they built the lake and logged the watersheds into the river, you’d be lucky to catch one 4 inch fish, which is how it is now. It is a very remote part of Northern California, so logging didn’t really kick into high gear until the late 60s. When it did, it brought so many loggers from Arkansas that the local accent changed. They used to say “creek,” now they say “crick.”

    • Thanks, Jan. Strangely, I never liked fly fishing that much. I always fished with a spinner, liking the action involved in it. But I was just a kid. The rest of my family fly-fished. I loved hiking up the streams alone for hours, watching the tumbling water and pools. I am embarrassed now by the way we caught excessive numbers of fish just for sport.

  3. You have finally written your beautiful little tale. I like your title also. You didn’t have to tell us it was a digital fly, I think we could figure that one out from the prompt. My little mind casts about for the last real fish.

  4. Dear Carlos,

    That was a great story. I could feel where it was headed, probably becasue my mind was trying to work in the image of the prompt, but your writing held realization at bay until just the right moment. Perfect.

    I loved this line; ‘..its digital fly moving inexorably into the magnetic field of the engineered fish.’



  5. This was a tremendous story. So much imagery in so few words.
    I loved the clever twist at the end taking us into digital fly fishing and engineered fish.

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