Friday Fictioneer 100 Word Story #7 Birth of a Clown

Birth of a Clown

Marianne’s 7th birthday was neat and all the kids loved her clown. He was so funny with his giant yellow shoes, red pants, big polkadot shirt, weird makeup and big red nose. He had balloons and flopped around, laughing, being a big fool. Way better than the clown last week at Bobby’s party; that guy was really old. This clown dressed the same but was like a teenager.

It’s weird my Daddy is afraid of clowns. He says they’re not like people and they’re evil. He said he saw one being born out of an egg in the desert once.



  1. Oh, wow! How very creative! I’ve always found clowns to be spooky, so I was immediately attracted, then when you described “the clown egg,” I got chills. Of course, the red thing coming out is a clown! Good one.

  2. You really let your imagination run wild on this one. I’m going to go out looking for clown eggs this afternoon. I think I saw some in the woods down behind our place. Like the child POV on this one. Fun and quirky!
    Here’s mine: An apocalyptic story with such a sweet beginning. Is this what happens when the Mayan calendar runs out later this year? Good reminder that evil can lurk behind the prettiest face. Good story.
    Here’s mine:

    • Hey, Thanks. I’ve really gotten a lot of positive comments on this story — now I’m getting nervous about the next one… I liked your story a lot; it reminded me of a lot of European films I’ve seen (and liked), not hitting one over the head with Meaning, but not obscure by mistake, either. Really good.

  3. Fantastic. The voice is entirely authentic and I love the idea that we’re witnessing the emergence of a clown. I don’t know what other people said because I’m just commenting and trying to get through posts, so I hope this isn’t an entirely repetitive comment (relying on my originality, now, right?). Ha. Anyway, lovely contribution, Carlos.

    • Thank you — I got more +comments on this story than any other, so I must have done something right! I have to say I didn’t think about it, just wrote it, so don’t feel all that responsible like I would if I’d spent hours crafting it. But I like the happy comments. nThanks again.

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