Friday Fictioneerss 100 Word Story #9: The Rules

The Rules

One-Arm Wilson was a stickler for the rules. It clearly stated on the back of the entry form that jeans were not allowed, and yet here these morons were, wearing jeans, especially ill-fitting ones. He was thinking “We’ll see how they like being detained for the next two hours then thrown out!” At least they had both arms; the least they could do is follow the rules and show some respect — after all, he had the Hat of Authority. Suddenly he heard a huge whooshing sound and looked up. It was that damned asteroid they’d been talking abo…



  1. You already know that this really tickled my funny bone. I thought it was hilarious. Even the part with the asteroid which I think was a frivolous addition – and that you should have thrown out and continued with your story of the martinet and his hat of authority, but…

    • But that was my first thought! I had a difficult time with this prompt and the only thing I had in my head when I started writing was that the guy was looking up. Besides, I don’t know what I would have done with another 19 words. I’ll stick to my Melancholia guns.

  2. The hat of authority, that says so much! I had to chuckle at the ending, and the abrupt cutoff – does that count as one word or a half word? 😉

    • Thanks, Craig. Lindaura didn’t like it, thought I should have kept writing about the guy, but the ending was the first thought in my head because of the guy looking up. After I wrote it, I realised the film Melancholia was in my head. Don’t know if you’ve seen it — I thought it was the best film I’ve seen in many years.

  3. I’d love to read a longer story about One-armed Wilson! Guess I won’t get the chance now. Damn asteroid…

    Good stuff!

  4. Love that you took the position of the conductor and created a story about a one-armed man. And “The Hat of Authority!” I’m going to have to get myself one of those hats. Finally, the asteroid at the end — what a creative mind you have!

  5. Hats of Authority are very popular in Europe, the Nazis most infamous for them, but you see them everywhere from train conductors to parking wardens, the bigger the more… powerful. The story, in my mind, actually began with the asteroid and the guy looking up, the rest was added. I found this a difficult prompt and had a slightly subversive attitude when I finally forced myself to write. Probably a good thing – if only I could maintain it. Cheers for your compliment!

  6. Dear Carlos!

    You wear the hat of Hilarity as well! I have the hugest grin plastered across my face. One-armed Wilson indeed. Absolutely loved it. And the Deux ex Machina at the end? Perfect.

    Your cup this week.



    • Why, thank you, Mr Ironwoodwind! I have to first thank my family and God, or vice versa, for this honour and for their support and faith in me all through the time I was banging my head against the wall trying to think of the next word. It was 15 minutes of hell. I am humbled.
      Cheers, Doug!

    • Hey thanks, Madison, glad you got there finally. It was an odd prompt, but it got a lot of good responses, very story oriented. By the way, I’ve just started uploading short album reviews on my blogsite and there’s an album there I think you might like: Gretchen Peters. She is, I think, an exquisite writer; her lyrics are published on her website too, which is very helpful.

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