Gretchen Peters: Hello Cruel World cd

Gretchen Peters

Hello Cruel World cd

Scarlet Letter Records

Gretchen Peters is firmly lodged in the Nashville pantheon of songwriters but has for years been trying to break out of that box as a performer. Being the writer of Independence Day and The Secret of Life plus many more made hits by others is a huge obstacle to overcome, but she has two things on her side: she never stops writing great songs and she is a terrific singer, the best interpreter of her own songs.

Gretchen’s writing is stunning, flowing like silken water from a perfect tap. Writing from the heart and mind of a woman, she might be seen a woman’s writer; she ought to be required reading for every man. Her singing is clear and expressive, exquisitely articulating the rhythm and meaning of her words, serving the song, enchanting the listener.

Hello Cruel World is a sublime expression of middle age, the realisation of failure, limitation and regret while treasuring basics: love, sensuality. The opening title song has a great slow groove, a Bobby Gentry feel, a mesmerising string arrangement, and lyrics that could make you cry and feel optimistic at the same time. The album continues this way, sustaining mood without a wrong step, a rare union of songwriting craftsmanship and penetrating artistic vision.

released January 31, 2012


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