FRIDAY fictioneer 100 Word Story #11B: ART


The two sat at the boardroom table. Marketing Director Lauren spoke first: “The mushroom will confuse your clientele; it’s too tough to sell.”

“Really? It’s just a mushroom.”

“I’ve talked to everyone involved and the only one who thinks it’s a good idea is your agent. But he would, wouldn’t he? That’s what agents do.”

“But I want to paint a mushroom.”

“That’s fine, Jack, paint all the mushrooms you want, but you won’t make any money. They don’t want pictures of things, they want designs.”

“All right, fine. I’ll take the mushroom out.”




    • Well, it’s not the same thing, because I wanted that big machine, all those people, in his ear. It wasn’t originally about him personally and his integrity as an artist, or lack thereof, it was about the process of the art business. Like Britney Spears might be in the music business; not really a question of her forsaking her art. But maybe that is untellable in 100 words.

  1. Carlos, I liked the first one – I even liked the lots of people, but maybe I didn’t articulate that well enough (what am i? a writer?!). But I love this version too, it made me giggle. This is like a sequel to the first one – they are a perfect pair. Maybe Jack could sell both pictures!

  2. Well, this one is sleek and more direct, but I think the first one captures something important, that the artist is constantly subjected to all kinds of influences and has to sort them out and this is an integral part of the process. I didn’t mean to say you had too many characters. I thought it was cutting edge to try to take that approach.

  3. Honestly, I believe this one is a mere shadow of the first. I do like the removal of the mushroom – it’s a nice twist, but I much prefer the first story, especially with – in fact, because of – the “crowdedness.”

    Here, again, is mine (in case some visitors come only to your 11B):

    • Thanks, again. I just wrote huge, hopefully not unpleasant, reply to you. It turned out I was getting ill yesterday so my mood wasn’t that great. Now I’m lying in bed, feverish, but with all the time in the world. I like the first one too.

  4. I preferred the first one. I didn’t find it confusing at all. This one changes the story, which is not bad at all. It is a different take on the artist. The first artist was very strong in his opinion about keeping the mushroom–it was HIS VISION. However, the second artist, in this piece, gives up on the idea very quickly.

    I view the two pieces as mirror opposites: a sort of “What if an artist does/does not stand up for their work.” I think as a duo, these pieces would work nicely together.

    I enjoy that you decided to go back into the piece and rework it based on critique, even if you weren’t sure that was the best move. Sometimes, that’s what we have to do. As your artist in this piece knows.

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