Elgar Noir

Quill Shiv posted a different kind of flash fiction, based on a piece of music rather than the usual photo. The music (below) is Elgar’s Cello Concerto, 1st Movement, by Jaqueline du Pre.

I wrote 100 words, then discovered QS did not have a word limit, so I added 13 words…

Elgar Cello Concerto

Elgar Noir
The rain lashed at the windscreen as he drove angrily through the night. The eerie greenish glow of the dashboard lights reflected his face, jowly, grim, fedora almost covering his eyes.
She stared at him. Why must he take it so personally? He knew this affair was doomed from the start, she was only acting on the obvious.
The occasional flash of oncoming headlights froze them like a photograph: he tense, she dangling a cigarette from red lips as she talked. He drove faster, knuckles gripping the wheel. Suddenly a flash of pure white, thunder, then smoke. She emerged from the wreckage, slapped the dirt from her dress, and walked slowly down the road.



    • Hey Lime, thanks. I was late getting to your comment, mired as I am in horrible weather traveling in California. I enjoyed that, writing to music. Many years ago, I played with some free jazz guys that played to pictures taped on the wall. This way works better. You appear to be missing this week, if that’s not a contradiction…

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