Friday Fictioneer 100 Word Story: Le Morte d’Arthur

Le Morte d’Arthur

That bobwire roll been sitting on that fencepost over 10 years. Guess it’s a marker, like a cross, except nobody’d be putting up no cross for Uncle Art. Nobody wanted nothin to do with him, even after he’s dead.

See, he was stringing that bobwire. The fence was electric but we wanted to put bobwire on top to keep the horses from always getting shocked. Art had shut off the juice. We turned it back on for a laugh. Art was on his third sixpack; he pissed on that wire and flew like Superman in reverse. Heart attack, Doc said.



  1. We used to have an electric fence and Uncle Art did piss on it but it didn’t kill him. It sure hurt in a tender spot, though. I guess if one had a bad heart – he only did metaphysically – it could kill you. Thanks for reading – the first reader!

  2. Great title … fun read. Seems like Uncle Art had a grave problem.

    I wrote two this week (traveling last week and couldn’t figure how to log on to my own blogspot site … I really am growing annoyed with google)

    • Hey Scott, pretty funny yourself… once again, another story from our old cabin, scene of Calvin’s demise. Art did piss on the fence – though we didn’t turn it on for him – and did appear to fly backwards, but, sadly, did not die. His work was not done.

      • damn google … I couldn’t log in to my own blogspot site last week while traveling in Cal (so couldn’t post last week’s story), couldn’t get my message posted in the FridayFictioners site today, and cannot even get a message window to appear on Linda’s site so I can comment on her unicorn story. As if that weren’t bad enough, when my comment on your story finally appeared, the link I added at the end to mine wasn’t there … so I “replied” to my own message to add it, and it didn’t post. I have so many “google” addresses now that it’s almost too much effort to try to remember which one is which for each different “ap”. I think I hate “aps”, too.

        Anyway, sorry for the rant. My story (stories, actually) is at

    • Hey Scott, I just discovered your several posts, as well as some other people’s, in the spam folder of my blogsite. I don’t know why they go there and others don’t. There was also a reply that I wrote to someone a couple of weeks ago.. Maybe that I have marked the as Not Spam will make them turn up correctly now. The whole process is mystifying anyway. It seems I have to “approve” some comments to show up on my site, but others just show anyway. I can’t think about it very long; it will make my head explode.

  3. Okay, I have just about had it with Google. Last week, Helen and I were in California and had her computer, but Google wouldn’t let me log into my own blogspot site to post my 100-word story (too many aps and too many addresses … it’s becoming quite the mess). Once I got home and used my own computer, no problem. But today … I have tried three times to post a comment on Madison’s story at her site, but nothing posts (I finally logged into Facebook to leave a comment). I couldn’t even get a message window at Linda’s site, so couldn’t leave a comment about her unicorn story. And here? My original post included a link to my story, but it got lopped off. I then replied to my message to add it, but that didn’t post. I next tried sending you a separate message, but it didn’t post either. This is my third effort. If it doesn’t work, I’ll write to you privately. Damn.

    Anywhere, here’s the link I have been trying to give someone …

  4. Carlos, you have a great way of telling stories and keeping a light touch on the writing. The voice here is perfect, and I love the lack of affection for Uncle Art, which plays out in the story and prevents us feeling too much the responsibility of the narrator for killing his Uncle. Or at least, prevents it from getting in the way of the story. Nicely done, as ever.
    I’m over here:

  5. It always seems the mean ones live to be quite old. That’s why I figured I need start toughening up on people because I want to live to be 100 at least, haha. Good story. I felt kinda sorry for Uncle Art though. That can’t be a good way to go. I think my electric fence could possibly kill someone doing that. It hurt like hell when I didn’t duck low enough going under, LOL.

    • There is an aspect to the fence thing that maybe only a man can really relate to! It’s payback for all those years of leaving the toilet seat up.

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