Friday Fictioneer 100 Word Story: Invasion


When the vast armada left its dying home in search of a young one, they were infused with hope and excitement. Their elaborate biotechnology had given them fleets of huge biocraft for transport to the similar but distant planet. Travelling just under the speed of light, it didn’t seem long to them, but it was millions of generations back at home. Finally, they landed on their destination.

They were shocked to find the new world huge, much bigger than expected; unable to dominate, they stayed in their self-propagating ships contemplating their error: apparently, size reduction from near-lightspeed travel is permanent.



  1. Ahaha. Ah, they didn’t even see that coming. I can’t imagine seeing moths (even alien ones) any bigger than those. Freaky.

    • The moths are just the vessels, bio-ships. I imagined that the aliens were living inside them, about like bacteria inside normal moths. Now, there’s a thought: moths the size of space ships with human size bacteria inside. Thanks for the comment.

  2. My Gosh I don’t know which one I like better. Both stories are so well written. You have a gift that I am so jealous of right now.

  3. Wow, Carlos. Two completely different stories for us to chew on today. I’ve seen a few moths-as-alien-craft stories but this is definitely one of my favourites. You tell it in such a matter-of-fact way, I completely believe it.

    • Thanks, Elmo. The matter-of-fact quality is, I think, a consequence of adhering to the 100 words and a good thing for one’s writing. On my FB site I have a couple of “rules for writing” pieces by Elmore Leonard and Neil Gaiman and both, in one way or another, emphasize reducing the unnecessary verbiage.

    • I never saw that X Files episode, but it’s a good idea. Perhaps the most frightening Bad TV Aliens for me were the Replicators in the Stargate TV series. Metal spiders that dissolved metal and ate it, reproducing endlessly. Not good if you’re living in a metal spaceship.

  4. So they went all that way and then decided if they couldn’t dominate they’d just stay in the ships? LOL. Did the ships self-propagate? That could become scary, if so.

    I liked your delusional one best, I think. Delusions must be hard to shake, especially when everyone else’s actions support them, hahaha.

  5. Well, they found safety staying inside and, of course, it’s worked up until now, as we have figured out how to eradicate Monarch butterflies through the use of GM crops and Roundup pesticides. Just the beginning; victory may yet be ours.
    That’s the great thing about delusion, the external world always supports it. Just don’t ask the external world; it lies.
    Thanks, Mads.

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