1. Thank the award-givers and link back to them in your acceptance post.
  2. Share seven (7) FACTS about yourself.
  3. Award 15-20 other bloggers the versatility award.
  4. Contact your nominees so they know you nominated them.

Well, I have to thank The Quill and The Lime and say that, coming from them, this essentially meaningless award takes on meaning.

Seven Facts:

  1. I am a fiction, therefore rendering the idea of fact a vague and questionable  concept.
  2. I am 5′-8″
  3. Dogs are my friends
  4. The name Repuesto de la Tabla has been verified by an actual Spanish-speaking person of Costa Rican ancestry.
  5. I am mostly male, but feel that testosterone has outlived its usefulness.
  6. Heideggar’s Principal
  7. Like every fabulous, intriguing country is in some way ruined by its inhabitants, Art is ruined by its Artists.

A — Anything, I feel I can do anything, just not well

B — Breasts. What can I say? A great invention.

C — Countryboy, someone just called me that and I felt good about it

D — Dogs, the other love of my life, another window into the universe

E — Everything, like Einstein’s Unified Theory, what I keep failing to understand

F — Fatherhood or Failure, pretty equivalent in my life

G — Girls, I like to look at them.

H — Heaven and Hell: don’t believe in ’em, but I like the John Entwhistle song

I — I, the word I get so tired of, but keep using

J — Jay, my name until I was 12, the most boring letter of the alphabet

K — The Kinks! They got the best letter, can’t think of anything else to use it for

L — the woman I Love and am inextricably tied to

M — sorry Mom, it’s for Music, which has taken up most of my life for better or worse

N — Nothing, which I keep seeing when I look in in the Great Void

O — Orwellian, the future

P — Purpose, what I keep failing to find

Q — Queer: I belong to the old meaning but not the new

R — Reading; it saved and dominated my life over and over

S — my brilliant, passionate, troubled, hyper-perceptive, angry daughter

T — Trees, I love ’em, they define ‘country’ for me

U — university, where I learned so much, hardly any in the classroom

V — Voyeur, a very important position to hold

W — Writing, an amazing thing to do

X — Rated, the world outside the city walls

Y — Youth, should be seen as a disability like all the others, including old age

Z — Zeb, Zeke, Zak, the Z-Dogs of my life


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